Why Coastal.com Is the World’s Best Halloween Contacts Retailer

halloween contactsIf you’re interested in ordering special effects contacts for your next Halloween costume, then there are a number of different companies to choose from. However, there is one clear winner in the Halloween contacts retailer industry, and that company is Coastal.com. Every day, this company goes the extra mile to ensure that every one of its customers receives the perfect contacts to complement their Halloween costumes.

But what makes YouKnowIt such a premium online retailer? Here are just a few of the ways in which it exceeded our expectations:

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Extensive selection of premium quality Halloween Contact lenses

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the number of different Halloween contacts that Coastal sells. Fortunately, the website is divided into numerous sections and features a convenient search bar that allows users to find exactly what they’re looking for. Customers can also browse through lenses by color, brand, price range, and more.

Coastal’s lenses come in all different shapes and forms. Here are just a few of the types of lenses that the company offers:

  • Anime and cosplay lenses
  • Big eye lenses
  • Dragon, cat, reptile, wolf, and other animal lenses
  • Zombie, vampire, and devil lenses
  • Twilight lenses
  • Flag lenses
  • Natural color lenses
  • Glow-in-the-dark rave lenses
  • And so much more

As much as we’d like to list all of the different types of lenses that YouKnowIt offers, we simply do not have enough space on this page! Suffice to say that YouKnowIt has contact lenses to complement any Halloween costume you could think of, and browsing through the company’s extensive selection has never been easier.

YouKnowIt’s black sclera lenses are also particularly popular. These are the lenses that make your entire eye appear black (the sclera is the white area around the outside of your iris and pupil). This creates a stunning effect that can make any costume look amazing, and more and more people are ordering YouKnowIt’s black sclera lenses every day.

Another popular option is to create a Halloween costume based off of movie characters. Twilight vampire costumes, for example, are particularly popular these days, and YouKnowIt has the lenses you need to look like your favorite characters for Halloween. Similarly, lenses based on popular movies like Terminator are also available.

Ultimately, due to the company’s unbelievable selection of premium quality Halloween contacts at affordable prices, YouKnowIt should be the first place you check for any Halloween contacts that you need.


With its commitment to high-quality manufacturing and wide selection of premium quality Halloween lenses, you may think that YouKnowIt would charge an arm and a leg for their products. Fortunately, this is not the case, and the company has some of the most competitive prices in the industry. Most lenses can be ordered for as little as $11, and even the more complex designs and patterns – like black sclera lenses – are fairly priced.

To make the deal even sweeter, YouKnowIt even offers free worldwide delivery.  Due to the high costs of international shipping, this is a perk that few other online companies offer, and how to take cialis it truly shows how committed the company is to customer service.

YouKnowIt can also bundle contact accessories onto your order for an affordable price. Contact lens care solutions, storage cases, and more can all be included for only a few extra dollars, and some contact packages even come pre-bundled with such accessories. This is yet another example of how YouKnowIt beats its competition in every possible way.

Safety and quality guarantees

Obviously, it’s important to protect your eyes. Unfortunately, some Halloween contacts retailers cut corners by using shady manufacturing techniques or by shaping their contacts from flimsy, low-quality material. Since YouKnowIt takes customer safety very seriously, it holds itself to high standards of manufacturing quality.

Every Halloween contact that YouKnowIt ships must abide by the strict requirements described in the European Union’s Cosmetics Directive, which handles the regulation of beauty products, contact lenses, and other such products created within Europe. These requirements are strict, and not every Halloween contact manufacturer is able to meet them. YouKnowIt is also bound by ISO regulations which describe the specific manufacturing process to be used when producing lenses.

What do all of these certifications mean to you, the customer? Well, instead of worrying about some online contact company cutting corners while manufacturing your Halloween lenses, you can rest assured knowing that your contacts from YouKnowIt have been made with particular care and attention to detail. Protecting your eyes is always important, and YouKnowIt has taken steps to ensure that your safety is assured at every step of the manufacturing process.

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High-quality material

The high-quality manufacturing processes listed above also mean that YouKnowIt is able to create some of the best water retaining contact lenses in the industry. It uses only the highest quality material to shape its contact lenses and the water retention of many of the company’s contacts is listed at around 38% – which is surprisingly strong.

This means that YouKnowIt’s contacts are soft and gentle on your eyes. They’re easy to install and provide lasting comfort throughout the day. While Halloween contacts from other retailers may start to feel painful and uncomfortable within only the first hour of use, YouKnowIt’s lenses can easily last throughout an entire day or night.

YouKnowIt even features guides and instruction manuals on how to best care for your contacts. Its tips will ensure that your contacts retain as much moisture as possible before, during, and after use. By implementing these tips with your set of contacts, you can ensure that they last for as long as possible.

The bottom line

Good Halloween contact companies are few and far between. Due to all of the reasons listed above, YouKnowIt is clearly the leader of its industry. With affordable pricing and a wide selection of unique lenses and designs, it’s going to be tough for any other special effects lens company to exceed the mark that YouKnowIt has set. Check out their website today to put the finishing touches on your perfect Halloween costume.

 Visit www.Coastal.com To View Their Huge Selection of Halloween Contacts  >>



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