White Out Contacts

White out contacts are just the thing to bring that zombie costume together. Even scarier than oddly colored eye shades are white contact lenses, which leave your eyes washed out and unearthly, devoid of human feeling.

White out contact lenses will wash out the color from your eyes leaving only the beady pupil left over.  Talk about getting the red out, these white out contacts will get the red, the brown, the green and every other shade in-between, leaving your egg white eyes balls looking unearthly.

Nothing beats the freaky fun of white contact lenses. White contacts for Halloween costumes create a classic All Hallows Eve look, but they are also perfect for clubbing. Funky Eyes’ white contact lenses will glow eerily under the UV lights, letting you zombie-out and rave the night away.

And if you prefer to do the robot to getting down with the undead, meshed white contact lenses will have them wondering what is wrong with your circuit board.

But white out contacts are not just for late October days or for the dark lights of the club.  White contact lenses are perfect for theatrical performances as well. Think how much scarier the albino killer in that 70’s classic Foul Play is for being all in white from shoes to eyes. And if your play calls for a blind person like the old man in Frankenstein, white out contact lenses make for an easy shorthand.

Whether your duds are in tatters or you’re wearing your dance-club finest, white out contact lenses will add that extra pop that will have everyone howling.