Vampire Contacts

It should be no surprise that there has been an explosion in vampire contacts lately.  Cold blooded vampires are red hot right now! And thanks to the Twilight series, you will find no shortage of vampire contact lenses to fill out that sexy vamp costume this year.  Whether you want blood red vampire eye contacts to bring that Volturi vampire costume together or are just looking for a classic Dracula look, you have a number of cool vampire contacts from which to choose.

Want to look like Jane from the Twilight series? Or prefer golden eyed Edward? Well, you need look no further for your Twilight vampire contacts.  Twilight contact lenses come in various colors and styles, from the hypnotic golden eyed varieties, to the vampire red contacts that place you squarely among those sexy bad Volturi. Yellow, red or glowing—you can find your Twilight vampire contacts here.

And if you just aren’t into this whole Twilight mania and prefer to keep your vampire contact lenses more old school, we have your eyes covered there too.  Check out some of the classic Vampire red contacts, or update the Count by choosing one of the newer vampire contacts that writes old Drac’s name in blood right on your sclera.  Now that’s scary.

All contacts are safe and just as usable for theatrical performances of all varieties as for bringing Halloween costumes together. So don’t hesitate, slip on your vampire contacts and your cape and answer the call of the creatures of the night.