Non Prescription Colored Contacts

If you’ve spent any time browsing Halloween contact lens websites, then you know how many unique colored contacts are on the market. Everything from flame designs to flower patterns can be found on the internet, and no matter what kind of Halloween costume you plan on wearing, it should be easy to find a pair of contacts that suits your costume.

Here are just a few of the unique types of colored Halloween contacts that can be found on Whether you already know your costume or you’re still thinking of what to wear, these contacts should give you some ideas of how to make your next Halloween as memorable and unique as possible.

Anime contact lenses

Anime isn’t for everybody, but those who are fans of the popular Japanese cartoons will get a kick out of the manga style contact lenses available on These lenses give wearers the illusion of having larger, fuller looking eyes, and can create a particularly stunning effect when combined with the right eye shadow or eyeliner.

YouKnowIt even carries anime Halloween contacts based on specific shows and characters, like Sailor Moon, Blue Sasuke, and Naruto Nine Tails. With plenty of different anime styles to choose from, YouKnowIt has everything you need to make the perfect anime or manga costume.

Big eye contact lenses

Some Halloween costumes look great when combined with larger than life eyes. If you want your eyes to look big, bold and beautiful at your next Halloween party, then YouKnowIt’s selection of big eye contact lenses should be the perfect fit. With plenty of different colors to choose from, it’s easy to complement your costume using any of the big eye lenses available.

Circle contact lenses

If you want your iris to stand out on Halloween night, then a circle contact lens is a perfect way to do that. Featuring large irises and vivid coloring, circle contact lenses were featured prominently in Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance music video. These lenses give you an expressive, emotional look that the people around you will adore.

Black out Halloween contact lenses

If you’d rather choose a contact that has no color at all, then a black out lens is the way to go. Featuring varying hues of black, these lenses give your eyes a very unique look. Some will completely shroud your iris, while others will allow a tiny edge of coloring to shine through. And yes, to those who are wondering, it’s easy to see while wearing Black Out lenses.

Blood red lenses

Whether you’re a bloodsucking vampire or an otherworldly demon, Blood red lenses can have a phenomenal effect on your costume. Some of these lenses cover your iris and pupil to make your entire eye appear red, while others surround your pupil with red and white patterns like swirls, grids, and more. Red is one of those colors that you don’t expect to see when looking at someone’s eyes vigrx plus paypal, and wearing blood red contacts can be a perfect complement to devil costumes, vampire costumes, and more.

Cosplay contact lenses

Much like the anime lenses we mentioned above, cosplay lenses give wearers the opportunity to look like some of their favorite fictional characters. Whether that character is from a video game, movie, or comic book, YouKnowIt has plenty of different lenses available for you to look through.

Manson contact lenses

If you want to freak out the people around you, consider ordering a pair of Manson contact lenses. These contacts feature a black pupil surrounded by a pure white iris. This creates an intense look that most people will associate with Marilyn Manson. If white isn’t your color, the company also offers Manson lenses in green or pink.

Glow in the dark contact lenses

Thanks to modern technology, you can now wear contact lenses that look both great both during the day and at night. Featuring UV-capturing technology, these contact lenses literally glow in the dark, making you instantly stand out at a club, a rave, or any Halloween party. Put simply, these lenses are incredibly cool regardless of what kind of costume you’re wearing.

White out Halloween lenses

White out lenses enhance the look of your eyes by surrounding your pupil with pure white coloring. Patterns are available in a number of different styles, including mesh screen, checkerboard, glossy, and glow in the dark. Just like black out lenses, these contacts are becoming popular to use with a wide variety of costumes.

Animal eye contact lenses

If you’re dressing up as an animal for Halloween – or just want your eyes to look really cool – then YouKnowIt’s selection of animal eye lenses will be the perfect fit for you. They feature a wide range of different styles, including the oval-shaped cat’s eye lenses, as well as the colorful, circular wolf’s eye lenses. The website even includes unique reptile or dragon lenses that can complement your costume in so many different ways. With hundreds of different colors and designs to choose from, you shouldn’t have a problem choosing the pair that is right for you.

Zombie eye lenses

Zombies have been making a comeback as a Halloween costume in recent years. To make sure that your zombie costume looks as realistic as possible, it’s important to use the correct kind of colored contact lenses. Zombie Halloween lenses come in a number of different shapes and forms. Some lenses feature the classic, bloodshot look that you’d expect to see on the eyes of the living dead, while other lenses use a glossy, grey approach. Whatever style you’re looking for, YouKnowIt has a huge selection of zombie lenses to complement your costume.

And so much more

No matter what kind of costume you’re wearing on Halloween, YouKnowIt has you covered. With unique colors, styles, patterns, and shapes, their enormous selection will ensure that your next Halloween costume will be one to remember.

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