Everything You Need to Know About Special Effects Contacts

Special effects contacts are becoming more popular every year. Whether you use them for your Halloween costume, a special performance, or to enhance your natural eye color, special effects contacts can easily transform your entire appearance.

If you’re ready to order special effects contacts, then there are several important things you should know. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about special effects contacts and how you can get the best possible deal on your next order.

How many different types of special effects lenses are there?

Online retailers have a huge selection of special effects lenses for you to choose from, including everything from anime lenses to special vampire contacts. Lenses are available with unique patterns and designs, and there are even glow in the dark lenses that look amazing at a night club or a rave. There are also contacts that make you look like popular movie characters from Twilight, Terminator, and more. Put simply, there are more than enough special effects contacts to give you any unique appearance that you want.

Full sclera contacts are particularly popular. Instead of just covering your iris and pupil, these lenses also cover the sclera of your eye – the white area around the iris. This helps you achieve a number of unique looks and is the perfect complement to zombie costumes, vampire outfits, and more.

Whether you want to spice up your next Halloween costume or you simply want to change the hue and coloring of your eyes, special effects lenses can transform your appearance.

Is it tough to see through dark colored contacts?

One of the most frequently asked questions about special effects contacts is regarding how much they impair your vision. In fact, special effects lenses do not impair your vision in any way. While the coloring may look opaque to people who see you, you won’t notice this coloring once the lenses are actually on your eyes. This makes special effects contacts safe to wear in any environment – regardless of the level of lighting.

Are special effects contacts safe to wear?

Special effects contacts are perfectly safe for you to use. Customer safety is a number one concern, and companies go to great lengths to ensure that each and every lens meets high standards of approval. Look for certifications from organizations like the ISO. Similarly, lenses manufactured in Europe must meet the rigorous standards outlined in the European Union’s Cosmetics Directive.

Put simply, when you order special effects contacts, safety is the last thing you need to worry about. If you spend less time worrying about the safety of your contacts and more time enjoying your Halloween party, the world will be a better place.

Nevertheless, there are important things to know about caring for your special effects contacts. By following the manufacturer’s instructions on how to store, protect, and install your contacts, you can prevent yourself from damaging your vision or receiving a dangerous eye infection ambien dosage. Fortunately, these instructions are very easy to follow – even if you have never worn contact lenses before.

How do I wear my special effects lenses?

Those who already wear contact lenses will find it very easy to install special effects lenses. For those who have never worn contacts before, there may be a slight learning curve. If you’re right-handed, install the contact in your right eye by placing the lens on your right index finger. Then, use your left hand to pull up the top of your eyelid and the middle finger of your right hand to pull down the bottom. Look up, gently place the contact onto your eye, and blink once or twice to adjust it.

Repeat this step for your left eye. If you are left-handed, perform the steps listed above using your opposite hands. If this is your first time installing contacts, don’t get stressed out if you can’t get them in on your first try. Learning to touch your eye can be difficult, and it may take a few tries before the contact is locked in. Be sure to wash the lens thoroughly before putting it in your eye, and place a towel on your bathroom counter to prevent the lens from dropping onto the floor.

How to care for your special effects lenses

Be sure to soak your lenses in contact cleaning solution before you install them and after you take them out. This allows them to retain the maximum amount of moisture and helps to clean any germs or bacteria from the surface. Cleaning your lenses is extremely important, and you may receive an eye infection if you don’t follow the instructions listed.

Some contact lens solutions are ‘no rub’, which means that you can simply soak your lenses in the solution to clean them. However, some cleaning solutions require users to clean the lenses themselves by spreading the solution between the tips of your fingers and the contacts. Be sure to recognize which type of cleaning solution you are using.

Also check to see how long your contact lens can be used for. Every lens is different, and some special effects lenses can be used for up to a year, while others are used on a daily or monthly basis.

Are the contact lenses hard or soft?

Special effects contacts are very soft and comfortable to wear. Once the lens is placed over your eye, it’s easy to forget that you have them in. While it may take some time for your eyes to adjust to the new sensation, this feeling should subside within a few minutes. Remember, millions of people wear contacts comfortably every single day, and the moisture retention of most special effects contacts is particularly high.

For all of these reasons, customers are always satisfied with the special effects lenses they receive. Soft, comfortable, and easy to place onto your eye, Halloween contact lenses help you dazzle everybody you meet.

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