Black Sclera Contacts

Whether it is for a Halloween party or for a theatrical production, Black sclera contacts bring that extra touch of inhuman fun to your costume effect.  Sclera contacts don’t just cover your cornea and pupil, but the “sclera,” the whites of your eyes.  This extra touch makes black sclera contacts especially spooky, since they make your eyes seems as if they have been completely wiped out.

Equally scary when used in only one eye as when used in both, black contacts are the perfect accessory to bring that Halloween costume together.   Black Halloween contacts take the blackout contact lens concept one step further, not just covering up your natural eye color in your cornea and pupil but also making the milky white sclera seem as if it has been filled with a dark, oily inhuman substance.

In case you’re wondering, black sclera contacts are perfectly safe so long as you use them properly.  Like other Halloween and theatrical contact lenses, they are non-prescription and 38% water based all black contact lenses.  They are opaque but designed so you can see through them naturally.

Great for Halloween parties, but sure to be even more of a hit at Goth parties, this is the kind of off-kilter look that is sure to reap lots of wows and howls from other party goers.  Playful and sexy scary, sclera lenses are sure to scare up some horrific fun wherever you wear them.

Those guys at Bunker Hill would never had gotten a shot off if the Red Coats had had these black contacts.